Order Xorknob T-shirts!!
Order Xorknob T-shirts!!

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Calendar and Dance Challenge

"Do the Xorknob" Dance!!

Xorknob got together with some friends for a dance party.  He taught everyone "The Xorknob" and made this video so you can learn, too.

Where will you do the Xorknob???  Show your Xorknob love by making your own video, uploading it to YouTube, and sending the YouTube link to us at videos@xorknob.com.  If Xorknob likes it we will prioritize your free sample shipment!

Xorknob Created a Calendar for 2013!

Xorknob is very intrigued by the ways we measure and organize time.  He says they do it differently on Xarblon-- no months and no clocks.  So to learn our approach, he has created a calendar, Earth style!!  So far he understands the months January, February, March and April.  He wants you to print out what he's created, see if it's correct and color it in.

P.S. Xorknob says we need a new calendar now that the Mayan one is all done.  He hopes you'll enjoy using this one!