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Valentine's Day 

Xorknob Found Love Among the Stars!

After Xorknob acted as commander of the Holiday Season alien cookie invasion, he returned home to Xarblon where he met the love of his life, Lady Xork.  Yes, our fabulous Xorknob has succumbed to love! 

Luckily, he enjoyed his time on Earth so much that he has brought Lady Xork back here for a tour, just in time for Valentine's Day.   They've entered our atmosphere in their special Flying Saucer of Love and are now zooming to deliver romance everywhere.

Each Flying Saucer of Love holds 4 to 6 delicious cookies, each frosted in either original Xorknob green (yes, he's a little green man from outerspace) or Lady Xork pink, and nestled safely in a delicious cushion of MartianMallowsTM.