Order a Xorknob T-shirt!
Order a Xorknob T-shirt!

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Xorknob, The Gingerbread Alien

has landed!!

Xorknob the Gingerbread Alien, packaged in a whimsical and recyclable “Flying Saucer,” is a delicious, frosted gingerbread cookie designed and manufactured locally, in Chico by much-loved Mim’s Bakery.


Xorknob cookies are reminiscent of the traditional gingerbread man, with arms, legs, and buttons — but this guy is ironically an alien, even down to his green frosting.  He is a light-textured gingerbread cookie enhanced by a white chocolate glaze, with plenty of traditional taste (but no heavy spice aftertaste).


One Xorknob stands 3½ inches tall and there are 10 or 11 Xorknobs in each Flying Saucer.


We at Mim's Bakery and ChaseWest Ventures are having great fun with Xorknob and we hope you are, too.  We look forward to bringing Xorknob back for Valentine's Day, when he just may find romance among the stars . . .  Stay tuned!!!

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